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 General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

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1. Scope - General

(1) These general terms and conditions apply to contracts between Localiso and its clients exclusively. They apply to the entire period of the business relationship and for future transactions.

(2) Localiso reserves the right to partially or wholly refuse to translate documents or texts.


2. Quotations

(1)All orders will be regulated by a quotation proposed by Localiso and a written confirmation of acceptance of the order by the client.

(2) Delivery dates quoted are considered target dates according to the best of our knowledge and are generally adhered to as offered. However, they are not a binding guarantee.

Delays in delivery can also occur due to unforeseeable events such as illness of the translator, technical difficulties, problems with the Internet, or similar unforeseeable events beyond the control of Localiso.


3. Confidentiality

(1) Localiso undertakes to hold all information relating to the client securely and will not disclose details to any third party unless specifically requested to do so by the client. Any

documents containing personal or financial details pertaining to the client will be held for a maximum of three months following the end of the contract, after which they will be destroyed.

(2) Localiso will sign a confidentiality agreement if required.


4. Formatting texts & maintaining layout

(1) A standard translation includes only a translation of the text provided. For such assignments, Localiso does not assume any guarantee for maintaining the format, layout, or other optical design.

(2) For editable standard documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) the translation is made within the document. In such cases, Localiso attempts to use the existing format, layout, or other optical design.


5. Warranty for defects

(1) The client is requested to send Localiso confirmation of receipt of the translation.

(2) Localiso must be notified of any errors within 5 working days of receipt of completed work. Amendments or alterations, as requested by the client, will be charged at the appropriate rate. Errors made by Localiso will be rectified free of charge.


6. Charges & terms of payment

(1) Prices are in Pounds Sterling (unless another currency has been explicitly agreed). The prices and costs apply as per quotation.

(2) In case of medium and long-term working relationships (i.e. regular and/or frequent job orders), Localiso will propose a 12-months renewable contract for language services to the client.

(3) Any additional expenses (including but not limited to: printing, stationary, delivery fees and courier charges, postage, photocopying etc) will be charged in addition to the quotation. Large amounts to be paid in advance.

(4) A 50% deposit may be requested before commencement of an assignment for new clients. For estimates over £1,000 we reserve the right to request part of the payment before commencement of an assignment.

(5) All invoices will be sent once work has been completed and received by the client.

(6) Payment is strictly within 10 days of invoice. International payment can only be made via bank transfer. All costs for international transfers are the responsibility of the client.

(7) If payments are overdue, a reminder will be sent. Payments that are not received within 5 days of the reminder date will incur a 10% late payment fee.


7. Liability

(1) Since Localiso uses the latest versions of protection software, it is not liable for any damage that may be caused by viruses and other malware.

(2) Localiso is not responsible for the end use of any document produced or edited by Localiso on behalf of the client and it is the full responsibility of the client to observe any

copyright laws. The client declares that the work assigned to Localiso is not illegal, immoral or objectionable and does not break copyright law.